Renaud Angerville-Langlois


The journey that I am offering you through this gallery is the result of a reflection on the usefulness of listening to your emotions.

During our lifetime, we are constantly confronted with our moods, our hopes, our fears.

For a long time these emotions, I put them aside. Not on purpose, but for me it was like trying to escape it, as if I was afraid to see the impact they could have on me and on my daily life.

As time went by, it became less and less possible for me to escape it because finally I was able to get the tracks to be able to live with it, I had to wait for my husband to meet. help there.

Subsequently, the discovery of art was for me a way to get to know myself better and a way to express myself.

The Theater first allowed me to express these emotions. I remember trying rehearsals but I always felt a deep gratitude to my troop for having made me live these moments.

Painting came a little later thanks to Blandine's internships, but its role was found to be just as therapeutic. I needed at that time not to express but to materialize these emotions by a support that I did not imagine.

My grandfather and my great-uncle were artists down to their fingertips, excelling in writing, music and painting, it is also a way for me to perpetuate a legacy in my own way.

To classify this exhibition, I chose to make the link with all that.

It seemed to me wise to use the “States” that we work on in the Theater, namely:

Joy, fear, anger and sadness

to categorize each of my paintings which also represents the passages of my life and undoubtedly of the life of each one.

These states are of course very often nuanced according to the intensity of the moment experienced and everyone will undoubtedly see their own emotion.

In these “Appel d'R”, you will feel, I hope, this need that we have at one point in our life, to shout our emotions which tug us on but which keep us alive.

Solo Expositions

2020 Appels d'R Varennes sur Allier, France

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